KingMaker in Hong Kong

KingMaker Introduction

Introduction, Bandit Attack and Trapdoor Spider

Experience Points:
Happs Byden 200
Bandits x5 135×5
Trapdoor Spider 400
Exploration (1 hex) 100×1
Quests/Story —
Total 1375, or 343 per character

Loot: Svetlana gifted 2 potions of cure light wounds and party bought 2 more; 2 have been used.
20 gp paid toward 2 more cure light wounds potions at Bokken’s.
Silver Stag Amulet
4 horses
8 days trail rations
50 gp
250 gp credit at Oleg’s

NPCs Encountered:
Oleg and Svetlana, the traders
Happs Byden, Bandit lietenant (dead)
Bokken the Hermit, potion specialist
Kesten Garess, scandalized noble and outpost guard
Baba Orla the Witch
Trapper Jon

(Swordlords of Restov) Explore the Greenbelt and defeat the bandits
(Svetlana) Recover my wedding ring from the bandits
(Bokken) Recover fangberries from the fangberry patch



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